Hay Bales

With a busy schedule, our aim is to provide a quality service to all our customers...

At A.S Kippax, we provide our customers and the public with harvested crops.

Agricultural contractors have a strict schedule when it comes to harvesting and sowing crops ready for completion.
Mr. Kippax has lived in St. Asaph for over 50 years and has developed a broad and in-depth knowledge about many aspects of harvesting. This includes the different disciplines of harvesting crops, tracker machinery and other agricultural methods.

Mr Kippax has gained over 38 years of experience in his well-established business, and therefore, continues to be available 24 hours a day to provide support for his customers. Contact Mr Kippax today for further information.


Offering commercial contracts

The list below describes an overview of what we do to produce your crops to the highest standard.

Harvesting may sound simple, but in fact, there is more to harvesting than meets the eye. This can involve tasks such as good timekeeping skills, strict schedules and be able to keep to tight deadlines. We are involved in many jobs that require a range of harvesting of forage and cereal crops. We therefore provide the following services:

• Maize sowing

• Combined harvesting

• Forage harvesting maize

• Umbilical slurry plumping

• Forage harvesting grass

• Round bales

• Square bails

• Maize sowing under plastic

• Power harrow/drilling

• Ploughing
• Sub/soiling
• Muck spreading
• Bale wrapping

Farming Field

A.S Kippax is open 24 hours and provides harvesting of forage and cereal crops.

We want to do as much as we can to produce the best outcome for your crops.

Do you require any further information about harvesting and our services at A.S Kippax?

Contact us today on 07774 890896 and Mr Kippax will be happy to assist you.

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