A.S Kippax is an agricultural harvesting contactor.

For over 38 years of business, we thank our clients who have stuck by us throughout all these years.

We are agricultural contractors providing our customers with all different aspects of cultivation, harvesting and sowing. This involves harvesting of forage and cereal crops for our clients and the public. At A.S Kippax, we continue to help our clients with over 38 years of business experience.

Throughout the years of helping our customers and producing our crops, we have developed strict time scales where we are able to perform to deliver the best results we can.

As a 24-hour business, it is essential that we provide the best service for our customers. Farming and harvesting require extensive knowledge and a wide range of skills. There is much to know regarding the different seasons, and about how the crops are harvested and sowed.


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As agricultural contactors, it is our job to produce high quality crops for our customers. We must stick to tight schedules and know what needs to be done at the right time. If you require more information about us or harvesting and sowing in general, please call us on 07774 890896. You can also email us at

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